Modular conveyors for BOLTZE small parts stores
Ambitious goal: the BOLTZE small parts warehouse in Braak should be ready for operation in just 18 months.

Creative, playful, sensual: BOLTZE has been inspiring customers with gift articles and home accessories since 1964. The spirit of the times pays off: As a reseller, BOLTZE imports around 5,000 containers per year from suppliers all over the world and dispatches up to 20,000 packages every day. Since demand is rising continuously, the new logistics center in Braak should be ready in just 18 months. This was an ambitious challenge that Interroll mastered together with Stöcklin Logistik AG.

The most important aspect for BOLTZE was to achieve the highest possible degree of modularity in order to be able to react quickly to future expansions during ongoing operations. "Our business is strongly influenced by seasonal peaks. With two phases in spring and autumn, when we have to achieve high seasonal capacity utilization," says Michael Winterhalter, Head of Process Management at BOLTZE Ideen Deutschland GmbH & CO KG, summarizing the challenge.

Modular Conveyor Platform MCP is the backbone of the small parts warehouse

Interroll's MCP platform (Modular Conveyor Platform) forms the stable and dynamically expandable backbone of the new warehouse. With the fully automated small parts warehouse from Stöcklin, BOLTZE benefits from fast throughput times and greater efficiency, which is reflected above all in maximum availability and complete utilization of existing resources.

The parts warehouse functions as a picking system, integrated into the existing warehouse management system. The compact workstations minimize walking distances and the technology cleverly supports all manual processes. In total, the solution designed by Stöcklin Logistik AG offers a storage capacity for around 300,000 cartons of various sizes and a throughput capacity of 1,550 cartons per hour. The pallet spaces are distributed over 16 aisles about 100 m long, each of which is equipped with a stackercrane. A special carton gripper ensures gentle pickup here. The warehouse management system from Stöcklin Logistik rounds off the entire system.

Automatic carton storage for higher availability

Michael Winterhalter describes the advantages offered by the new logistics centre: "The automatic carton warehouse gives us the opportunity to have immediate access to the goods we need for order picking. There are no more delays and we achieve a significantly higher availability. This enables us to benefit from higher delivery speeds and, of course, improved productivity at the end of the chain," says Michael Winterhalter of BOLTZE, summarising the advantages of the new logistics centre.

Easy integration of Interroll components

Cartons as well as totes of different sizes are transported on the conveyor lines. Interroll's modular conveyor platform fits seamlessly into the overall system. And since precision is a must because of the usually fragile material being conveyed, precise alignment at all times ensures problem-free storage and retrieval - despite the dynamic diversion. Differences in height are no problem either, as they can be handled effortlessly with modular MCP components such as belt conveyors, inclined roller conveyors and the Magnetic Speed Controller MSC50.

"The integration of the Interroll components was absolutely easy for us to design, the mechanical and electrical components had defined interfaces and everything could be implemented wonderfully," says Michael Dörner, Sales Plant Engineering at Stöcklin Logistik GmbH, praising the cooperation with Interroll.

Demand sustainably under control

Intelligent conveyor technology minimizes human error at BOLTZE, increases throughput and raises service levels to new heights. And if processes change, BOLTZE can react quickly thanks to the modular MCP platform.

As a global importer of home accessories, BOLTZE now takes a relaxed view of fluctuations in demand. The growing product range and the new logistics center reliably satisfy the increased demand. A fact that not only allows BOLTZE, but also the end customer to relax when shopping and, above all, at home.

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