"With the DC Platform, we offer customers everything from a single source."
Armin Lindholm, Managing Director, Global Center of Excellence Rollers & RollerDrive in Wermelskirchen, explains why the new DC platform from Interroll offers everything from a single source.

A unique range of conveyor applications can be realised with the coordinated range of motor rollers, controls and power supply units in 48 V or 24 V technology. Armin Lindholm, Managing Director, Global Center of Excellence Rollers & RollerDrive in Wermelskirchen, explains in an interview why the new DC platform from Interroll offers everything from a single source.

What made you develop this new platform consisting of motorized roller, controls, power supplies and accessories?

Technical innovations are not an end in themselves for Interroll. For us, they should always be about offering real added value to the customer. In the case of the new DC Platform, this added value is the unique range of new possibilities we extend to users for even more effective material handling, which is precisely tailored to their needs.

What does that mean in concrete terms?

It means that system integrators and machine builders can design the exact technical solution they need to realize their business opportunities. Our new platform allows them to simply and cost effectively realize traditional zero-pressure accumulation standard applications, or to put together particularly high-performance material handling solutions that can integrate seamlessly into the Industry 4.0 world. Our customers now have much more flexibility in deciding how and where they want to use our products in their value chain.

Our new DC Platform provides system integrators and machine builders with an innovative and perfectly matched technology solution that has undergone years of development and testing.

How did the development process work?

This was a holistic project encompassing both hardware and software development. Alongside our own expertise as a technology leader, we also used the expertise of five partner companies. With some 150 engineers and technicians involved, this was probably the biggest innovation project ever seen at Interroll. We also had to develop and implement fatigue and load tests and to redesign and configure our production. This was a task that could only be tacked by an extremely competent and highly motivated team.

What considerations played the most important role here?

Quality is everything at Interroll. We are known for our uncompromising approach in this area. That’s why the new products and their components have already undergone many millions of hours of testing under the most diverse conditions. Every RollerDrive is tested extensively before delivery to make sure it is working perfectly. We have also systematically organized production around the one piece flow principle. This means that we can further improve delivery times for our customers despite the wealth of options.

DC Platform: Material handling that has been put through its paces

Interroll’s Global Center of Excellence for conveyor rollers, RollerDrive and controls in Wermelskirchen is responsible for the development, production and market launch of the DC Platform. At the heart of the company is a test center covering an area of around 1,600 square meters. Interroll’s engineers at the center submit existing products and new innovations to comprehensive fatigue and load tests. Special chambers are used to test products’ resistance to heat and cold, ensuring that customers can rely on the quality of the Interroll range at anytime and anywhere. “Our test facilities work around the clock; we leave nothing to chance,” says managing director Lindholm. “We have subjected the new DC Platform to the acid test, involving all conceivable application scenarios and millions of test hours for the products and their components.”

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