PolyVee Finger Guard

The PolyVee finger guard safely protects against inadvertently reaching between PolyVee belt and roller drive head.

  • Quick installation and removal, no screw connections required
  • Fits into any side profile, the finger guard sits on the seal of the roller or on the fastening pin of the RollerDrive
  • Installation in mechanically finished conveyor systems, can also be retrofitted in existing systems
  • Always the right match, the rear panel is designed directly for two belts for quicker installation. The center of rear panel features a predetermined breaking point with which it can easily split in half in case of an uneven number of belts. 
Technical data

  • Temperature range: 0 to +40 °C
  • Color: Black
  • Distance between side frame and seal of roller: min. 0.5 mm; max. 1.5 mm
  • Roller pitch: 75 mm and 100 mm 
Article Number

  • Roller pitch 75 mm: S-8863
  • Roller pitch 100 mm: S-8864