Center Drive Cassette

  • Small transition, only ø 17 mm
  • Drum motor as a center drive
  • Self-tracking belt, even for reversible operation
  • No dependency on belt tolerances thanks to fixed cassette length CC
  • Longer belt life due to low tension forces
  • Advantageous concept for wide belts, including under-quadric solutions
  • Quiet operation

General technical data


CD profile (Center Drive)

Load capacity

0 to 30 kg

Belt speed

Standard: up to 0.30 m/s with drum motor 80S SMP
up to 0.38 m/s with drum motor 113S SMP

Length C/C

358 to 2950 mm

Width EL

286 to 968 mm with drum motor 80S SMP

268 to 1118 mm with drum motor 113S SMP

Frame height

110 mm with drum motor 80S SMP
143 mm with drum motor 113S SMP

Ambient temperature

+10 to +40 °C

Drum Motor drive and Idler


Interroll drum motor 80S SMP or 113S SMP


3 x 230 V 50 Hz / 3 x 400 V 50 Hz

Ø Idler pulley

Standard: 50 mm (Interroll 1700 idler pulley)
Other diameters upon request



2 mm hot-dip coated galvanized steel

Drum motor

Shell: Mild steel shell with hot vulcanized rubber
End housings and caps: Technopolymer

Idler pulley

Ø 17 mm centerless ground shaft, mild steel


PU/PET black, 2 mm, 2-layer, thickness 1.2 mm

Pretension of belt: 0 %

Center Drive Cassette (PDF. 92 KB) Download

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