DriveControl 20

Application area

Control of RollerDrive EC5000 in applications without start-stop operation, e.g. in roller curves. Mechanical engineering applications. Applications with PLC, but without fieldbus. Small applications with max. ten RollerDrive.

Product description

The DriveControl 20 is a simple control for the RollerDrive EC5000. It does not contain any logic (e.g. for zero-pressure accumulation conveying) and requires external signals. DIP switches can be used to set the direction of rotation, a start and braking ramp and the speed in 15 increments. Digital inputs and outputs serve as interface to a higher-level control. Signals allow adjusting the direction of rotation and the speed in seven increments. The braking energy of the RollerDrive EC5000 is fed back into the DC supply system. The voltage fed back from the RollerDrive EC5000 is limited at 30 V by means of the integral brake chopper (voltagedependently switched load resistance).

Interroll DriveControl

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