The new Interroll Stacker Crane is an ideal solution for your pallet storage requirements and is the perfect complement to Interroll’s Modular Pallet Conveyor Platform (MPP) and Pallet Flow solutions.

The compact Interroll Stacker Crane provides high dynamics in a flow storage system in order to achieve high pallet turnover and optimal space utilization. The intermediate aisles for forklift trucks are completely eliminated. Thanks to its lightweight design and integrated energy recovery, the Interroll Stacker Crane is extremely energy efficient.

The Interroll Stacker Crane is equipped with a roller conveyor that loads or unloads pallets in less than four seconds. The proven mechanical interface between the Interroll Stacker Crane and the flow storage system increases the availability and safety of the entire system.

Safety and accuracy play a major role in highly dynamic applications. Equipped with 180-degree sensors, Interroll's Stacker Crane precisely checks whether the intended loading position is occupied. The pallet is centered automatically so that it can be transferred exactly in the middle of the channel. This ensures high system availability and prevents damage of goods or equipment. The integrated lifting speed control and powerful braking systems ensure a high level of safety even at speeds of up to three meters per second.

Due to the modular and preassembled design of the construction, the low-maintenance Interroll Stacker Crane is easy to deliver and install.

Your Benefits

• High System Safety

Lightweight Design

• Energy Efficient

• High Throughput

Safe Positioning

  • Easy planning with Layouter-tool
  • High Storage Density
  • Max. Space Utilization
  • High Availability
  • Easy Assembly
  • Low Maintenance

Main Features

• For up to 1000 kg EUR EPAL pallets

• Loading/unloading of a pallet in less than 4 s

• Throughput of 100 pallets/hour