Pallet Control PC 6000

Interroll is expanding its decentralized control and drive concept, which has been used successfully for years with the Interroll 24 V DC RollerDrive and the Interroll MultiControl for zero-pressure-accumulation unit load handling. Now, the portfolio also includes a special solution for 400 V AC pallet conveyors.

The new intelligent control unit serves as a link between the 400 V AC Pallet Drive and Interroll's proven 24 V MultiControl, which again provides the complete logic for zero-pressure-accumulation conveyors. However, this solution eliminates the need for centralized PLC cabling and PLC programming.

The integrated soft start function reduces the starting torque, which relieves the load on all mechanical components, thereby providing for optimum pallet acceleration. Pallet overrun after the Pallet Drive has been switched off is also regulated by Pallet Control.

The new control offers many of functions and supports preventive maintenance. The Pallet Control Configurator, which can be downloaded from the Interroll website, allows to easily change parameters or modify the direction of rotation via the USB connection of the Pallet Control, without having to move and replug cables. Current and power can be monitored and the current status is displayed. In addition, the total operating time of the respective Pallet Drive is displayed, which allows to preventively arrange the necessary maintenance. This reduces maintenance requirements and possible downtimes to a minimum.

A thermal protection contact and continuous analysis of current consumption protect the Pallet Drive against overload. The optional brake in the Pallet Drive is also activated via Pallet Control. Alternatively, Pallet Control can be activated via other 24 V digital inputs or a 0-10 V DC analogue input.

Tensión nominal

3 x 400 V AC 50 Hz; 24 V DC

Rango de tensión admisible de breve duración

380-420 V AC 50 Hz; 22,8-25,2 V DC

Corriente absorbida

máx. 3 A @ 400 V AC; máx. 2 A @ 24 V DC

Grado de protección



0,5 kg

Temperatura ambiente durante el funcionamiento

-28 °C hasta +40 °C (-22 °F hasta +104 °F)

Temperatura ambiente durante el transporte y el almacenamiento

-40 °C hasta +80 °C (-40 °F hasta +176 °F)

Cambio máx. de temperatura

1 K/min, 3 h, 2 ciclos (IEC 60068-2-14)

Humedad relativa máx.

93% a +40 °C (+104 °F), 14 días, sin condensación (IEC 60068-2-78)

Altitud máx. de montaje sobre el nivel del mar

1000 m. Por lo general, es posible realizar el montaje en instalaciones situadas a más de 1000 m (3300 ft) de altitud. No obstante, puede producirse una disminución de los parámetros de potencia.

Solución ZPA para transportadores de paletas

Simple, cómoda e inteligente: la probada solución sin presión de acumulación descentralizada (ZPA) ahora también está disponible para transportadores de paletas.

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Pallet Control Configurator

Visualización, ajuste de parámetros y mantenimiento preventivo: un paso más hacia la digitalización del transporte de paletas gracias a este software de configuración.


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