Interroll ha mantenido un auténtico interés por la industria del neumático y la automoción durante muchos años. Junto con integradores de sistemas líderes en todo el mundo, se han instalado repetidamente y con éxito productos inteligentes como el RollerDrive de voltaje extra bajo , eficiente desde el punto de vista energético, los controladores inteligentes y los mototambores compactos en empresas como Good Year, Continental, Bosch y Pirelli. De hecho, el concepto de acumulación sin presión y la tecnología devoltaje extra bajo se están empleando en el transporte de neumáticos gracias a sus numerosas ventajas, como la ausencia de riesgo de daños en los neumáticos, el escaso consumo energético, etc.

En Interroll nos apasionan los neumáticos y los automóviles. Ofrecemos calidad, facilidad en el manejo y velocidad. Junto con nuestros socios —integradores de sistemas en todo el mundo—, suministramos soluciones específicas para la industria del neumático y cumplimos los requerimientos de nuestros clientes internacionales con nuestros productos y la exclusiva red de Interroll.

Maurizio Catino, director de Ventas de Automoción y Neumáticos
Grupo Interroll

Your benefits:

  • reduce your primary energy consumption significantly (up to 50%)
  • reduce maintenance costs and allows easy system extensions
  • increase safety and reduce noise levels for operations, <60 dBA

We offer safe and efficient handling of green tires in trays or pallets on DC roller conveyors.

If you use our MultiControl, you only need one control for up to 4 conveyor zones.

As the RollerDrive and sensors are directly integrated into the fieldbus level, the installation is really fast and simple.

TIre distribution centers rely on robust and reliable belt transfers as sorting technology.

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Interroll in the tire industry

Global availability

Apart from our high-quality products, we provide added value to you and our partners through our global footprint, availability and support.

Our proven track record gives you peace of mind

As exchange-listed company, we are proud of our outstanding financial track record that gives our customers the certainty of reliable, high-quality deliveries all the time—for any size of project

Open platforms

As a truly independent supplier with open platforms, Interroll can tailor its offering to the requirements of any system integrator, worldwide.

Two teams, one goal. Dynamism.

Just as the quality of a Formula 1 race car’s tires determines the final result, we at Interroll believe that for tire production and handling operations the quality of every single component influences your customers’ satisfaction, your operators’ safety and, ultimately, your competitiveness.

We are a proud intralogistics partner of the Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 Team, eager to learn from the best. 


Interroll: long‐standing, trusted supplier to leading system integrators in the tire industry

For many years, proudly supplying our key products such as rollers and drives to the following partners in the tire handling industry.

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